Nachume Miller



Dutchmasters, wood panel.


Family Portrait

Family portrait, 1963. From Left: Nachume at 13, His mother Frida, father Arieh, sister Sara, and Uncle.


Flatiron Studio, 1994

A work in progress piece, taken during the Cybersapes series. Shot in Nachume's Flatiron studio, 1994.


Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was an important influence on Nachume's work during the development of his Studio Series (1983-1986). Study of Red Pope, 1962.


Georg Baselitz

Happy belated birthday to Georg Baselitz, a German painter who was an important influence on Nachume's work. Oh god, ma tutto occupato (Ach herrje, ma tutto occupato), 2016.


High School Work

Painting from Nachume's teenage years in Israel, circa 1965.


At the Studio

Over the next two decades, Nachume was peerless in the range of media, styles, and references he incorporated into his art. His paintings and three-dimensional pieces pay homage to artists covering every historical period from the Greeks to Rauschenberg. He always prioritizes craft: he is a disciplined painter, an artisan, and never neglects workmanship in favor of concept or trend.


Nachume the Artist

"He saw and interpreted a landscape of nature and life and feelings, he harnessed life and took paint and put it into a language we could understand with our eyes and then our hearts. How did he do that? How could he take reality and abstract it and give back to us an incredibly concentrated, overwhelming essence of an experience? He did that, over and over again. His knowledge of painting - practical, scientific, historical - was staggering. As most of us, I've gone to the MoMa for years. When I went with Nachume, I felt that I must have been blind during my other visits, wearing dark glasses. If only I could remember what he said." -Kathleen Seward, Friend


Paul and the Tall Trees "She Comes Around"

To make the video for ‘She Comes Around’ by Paul and the Tall Trees, Leon Michels edited together recently discovered Super-8 footage that was shot by Nachume in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Nachume manipulated a lot of the footage himself, painting and scratching the film to create abstractions, splicing it to rearrange the order, and shooting his paintings and sculptures in stop motion to create simple animations. View the full video here.


Self Portrait

Self Portrait, age 13.



Nachume's sketches of people working out on colored construction paper, 1984.


Teenage Years

An oil painting created when Nachume was around the age of 16, Israel. Nachume was heavily influenced by the work of Hieronymus Bosch at the time.


The Artist's Muse

Nachume's wife and lifelong muse, Ruth Miller. Photo taken in Las Vegas, Nevada circa 1977.